For Who?


For who? Home, business or classroom?

We shoud define our values in all areas of live. Being able to understand our actions, behaviours, and choices. With the Game Of Values we can get more insight into motives and get guidance for future decisions.

Values are the core of who we are but they also also something that will change as we grow and learn. In life we want to be able to be true to ourselves. Even more in these fast pased times, where change is the only constant. We need mechanism to help us make figure out what kind of decisions we want to take for the future. The moment we start living our lives in accordance with our values, we get satisfied and content.



Playing the Game of Values

Choose one of the questions and keep it in mind until the end!

What is important to me in my life?
What do I find important in my work?
What do I find important in my relationship?
What do I find important in the education of my children?
What do I find important in my faith?

Go through the cards and make a rough pre-selection of values in line with your question. The rest of the cards can be put aside. Choose 10 cards from this rough selection that you think represents you the best. Put aside all other cards. From these 10, choose the card that is least important to you and put it away. Eventually, 5 cards will remain. Place them in order of importance for you.

You can use these values as an insight to answer your question. Example: I find it important to have …(value) in my …(chosen topic, i.e. relationship,work).

The goal is to find your true colors, to be able to live true to yourself and your business, to give directions in life and it can enhance mutual understanding.