Knowing the values that are the dearest to us and being able to move forward in life with clarity and poise. Game of Values leads us towards a better understanding of who we are. So we can embrace the fast pace of the 21st century and all the changes it brings along. #knowthyself

All the best,

Joze Petrich - Aikipath

The Design

Ray of colors is something we can see in different aspects of life. It can be seen as a rainbow in nature or in science by using a prism. Colors can have a spiritual meaning where it can tell something about your personality and wellbeing. Colors contain information and are a universal language that can create understanding without speaking. When colors are combined it creates new shades and meanings. This is something we wanted to translate into values - or as we see it, your true colors.

Thanks to Nina Quax Creative Studio...

The goal is to find your true colors, to be able to live true to yourself, your business or to give directions in life. Made to enhance mutual understanding and give more clarity in the fast paced changing environment we live in.




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